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Woodhut is an information source for those interested in timber and timber lands and certain commersial properties. Our intent is to provide information to land owners, investors, forestry contractors, hunters and others with interest in these types of properties.

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1739 Canton Road
Hancock 137
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Heard 103
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Washington 147

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Woodhut is now listing properties for sale.

Properties for sale in Cobb county, Heard County, Talbot County Monroe County, Hancock County, Washington County, Glascock County Putnam County Lamar County Green County Bill County.

Timberr lands for sale,

On the following page are information pertaining to timber land for sale. The timberland ( timber land ) for sale is located in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. There are also listings for industrial properties and commercial properties in, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi. At this time all of the timberland (timber land) properties for sale are owned by the Cornelia Corporation with offices in Trion, Georgia

Timber land for sale. If you are interested in buying, selling or trading timberlands (timber land) in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi or Tennessee we will be interested in hearing from you. We also list Industrial and Commercial properties and by persons and entities other than Cornelia Corporation. At this time woodhut lists timber land( timberland) for sale in the following counties in Georgia. Tabot County, Crawford County, Monroe County, Hancock County, Twiggs County, Washington County, Chattooga County. There is also timber land for sale in Lauderdale County Mississippi and Monroe, County Tennessee. There are commercial properties for sale in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee. Some of these commercial properties for sale are on Interstate I-75 and I-20 and I-59. Commercial and Industrial properties are listed in Atlanta, Georgia, and Trion, Georgia. There is a farm machinery manufacturing plant listed for sale in Trion, Georgia.

Timberrland for sale.