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Monroe County, 138 acres
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138 acres in Monroe County off of Indian Springs Road. This property is divided into four lots of from 32 to 38 acres. The uplands are in 18year old planted pines that are ready for thinning.

There is a creek running throught the property which forms the back boundry of each of the lots. (see platt) . Large hardqoods line the creek bottom. Last timber cruise showed over $60,000 in marketable timber in the bottoms.

A power line on the property forms the west boundry. There is a good dirt road system into the property with shared ownership among lot owners.

From Atlanta go south on I-75 about 45 to 50 miles. The first exit after entering Monroe County is High Falls Road exit. Go to the next exit which is the Johnstonville road exit. On Johnstonville Road go east and dead end into SR 42. Turn left and north to Indian Springs road and turn right. See location map for instructions on entering property. Be sure and look for the power line which is the west boundry.

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